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Addiction - Mental Health - Substance Abuse is a proven online marketing agency that specializes in creating & ranking websites in the organic Google search engine results pages  that generate organic leads. Our strategy is to partner with your Therapy Practice from start to finish and grow together. By doing so it generates massive traffic to your Therapy Practice to maximize leads and profits by building a client friendly, keyword rich website.

As more Therapist look to the internet to get new clients, the cost of using Google Adwords keeps climbing. Anyone can sign up for Google Adwords or Microsoft Advertising and drive paid traffic to the target website. But having your therapy website rank in the top organic search results will get you long term and higher returns on your investment.

Therapy vs. Distance Therapy

What's the difference between Therapy and Distance Therapy?

Therapy has an in-person, 1 on 1 interaction at a specific location where Distance Therapy does not have an in- person interaction and is able to reach more people at different locations thru Digital media such as chat, email, videos, messaging and smart phones.

What is Therapist Leads Generation?

Marketing your Therapy practice provides an open line of communication to your patient audience by building trust and interest. Therapist Lead Generation allows you to increase your patient connections and nurture those relationships to form long-term, loyal patients. 

Therapy Lead Generation helps ensure that patients keep coming through your pipeline and

building market share. 

Why do I need Therapist Leads Generation?

- Increase Patient Volume

- Target Audiences Actively Looking for Therapy Services

- Increase Your Amount Of Referrals and Grow Your Business

- Achieve More Visibility with a Strong Online Presence

- Drive Patient Volume

- Manage Your Center’s Online Reputation

- Improve digital lead generation

- Increase conversion rates (new patients, scheduled appointments, etc.)

- Boost organic website traffic

- Create better rankings on Search Engines for high-volume keywords

Therapist Leads Generation - Distance Therapy

Mental Health

Substance Abuse

Mental Health


Types of Mental Health Leads

- Mood & Anxiety Disorders

- Trauma related Disorders

- Personality Disorders


Substance Abuse

Mental Health


Types of Addictions

- Drug

- Gambling

- Eating

- Love & Relationships

- Shopping

- Video Games and more

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse


Types of Substance Abuse

- Alcohol

- Illegal Drugs

- Prescription & OTC Medicine

- Tobacco

What we Provide


Number of Dedicated Staff per day

Small or Mid Level Companies 2 - 3 

Enterprise Level Companies 4+

Type of Staff

Researcher, Designer, Keyword Developer, Marketing & Sales Specialist, QA Manager

Lead Generation Programs

Monthly Pilot

3 Month Plan

6 Month Plan

Guaranteed Working Hours

40 hrs. per week


Yes, Monday - Friday 8am EST-5pmEST

Therapist Lead Generation Program


Custom Url

Website design 5- 10 pages

Content and Pictures

Custom Meta tags 

Header tags & description


Full SEO service

ALL Social media marketing - FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc


Content for blogs

Help with creation and drop of all Press Releases

Create at least 1 slide/video for YouTube


1 Time set-up fee: $500

Per Hour cost: $50 (minimum 10 hours per week)

*note: PPC, Airline Advertising, CTV and Programmatic additional costs

Who we can generate leads for

Distance Therapist, E-Therapist, Internet Therapist, Web Therapist,  Online Therapist, Mental Health Counselors, TelePsychiatrist, Online Psychiatrist, TeleMental Health Counselors 

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