Understanding Your Needs

List2u Marketing Specialists will dissect your sales plan - sales goals - ideal customer profile and demographic; current marketing successes and failures; resulting in a detailed grasp of your needed marketing direction.  

Research & Analysis

What marketing strategy perfectly fits your ideal customers profile? Tested and proven research process compiles necessary information required to grow your business. Who are your potential clients, competitors? What are your best options / solutions that will ensure your success? 

Marketing Strategy

The List2u Team will develop a Multi-Channel white glove strategy that will inform, inspire and engage new customers for your business. We will develop for you insightful, relevant content. Let you know where to adjust on your online media. How to increase sales with different platforms. How to create leads that close using proprietary processes and online tools. We will provide strategies that help you grow.

Engage New Customers will engage your new customers while your team focuses on their daily activities. Consider List2u an extension of your marketing department bringing fresh leads to the table -  you make the sale.

Monitor & Report

List2u QA and analytical teams will monitor all campaigns daily. Keep track of strategic and operational metrics, resolve issues and track your pipeline.