Airline Advertising - Airline Marketing


What is Airline Advertising?

Airline Advertising is advertising that targets potential consumers aboard an airline. Airline Advertising includes: commercials during in-flight entertainment programming, 

advertisements in in-flight magazines or on Boarding Passes, ads on seat back tray tables

and overhead storage bins.

Why Use Airport Advertising?

- 85% of long-distance travelers recalled some type of airline advertising or promotional material.

- 86% of customers are flying in a positive mood, and are hence more likely to be receptive to

advertising messages.

- On flights of over an hour, 9 out of 10 airline passengers used their tray for 15 minutes or more. In short flights of an hour or less, the figure stood at 82%

- 92% of airline passengers were still able to recall advertising messages a few hours after arrival. 

- Ads can be tailored to the traveler's destination, or several of the airlines destinations, 

promoting local restaurants, hotels, businesses and shopping.

Benefits if Airline Advertising:

  • Unique Advertising
  • Target precisely your audience
  • Create a unique user experience
  • Personalize the content easily
  • Change advertising campaign several times a year
  • Include call to action such as downloadable coupons
  • Track and follow-up of the performances