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Address Verification - Address Verification Business Service

Address verification allows you to reduce costs, put a stop to wasted outbound mailings and prevent inaccurate marketing activity to boost customer satisfaction.

Approximately 20% of addresses entered online contain errors, spelling mistakes, wrong house numbers, incorrect postal codes, formatting errors that don’t comply with a country’s postal regulations.  This can result in late or undeliverable business information or shipments.'s Address Verification service verifies addresses for 240+ countries. CASS (USPS), SERP (Canada Post), PAF (Royal Mail) etc, will correct addresses by adding missing components such as postal codes, locality, and more to meet formatting rules.

This will improve customer service and brand satisfaction, enable better data-driven decisions and help you reduce unnecessary costs. Having confidence in your data is important for all business plans and initiatives for your employees and your customers. 

Leverage the Power of's Address Verification Business Service and increase your company revenue.


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